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Stylish Laundry Bag with Pinstripe Interior Closure

Stylish Laundry Bag with Pinstripe Interior Closure
Laundry bag that closes with a rope Perfect size for small dorm rooms or bedrooms Handles for easy carrying when stuffed full of dirty laundry Made in Italy of sustainable fibrous paper  
We found these laundry bags at the NY Gift Show and thought they were great looking. They're made in Italy of -- and this might surprise you -- paper. Yep, paper. We love the pinstripe drawstring bag inside that keeps laundry in the bag when you throw it down the stairs. These bags are quite sturdy and you can hand wash them or just wipe them off with a cloth. Perfect for boarding school students who have to drag their dirties down to the laundry room or moms who are sick of picking their kids clothes up off the floor.

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