If you enjoy a good hike, and an even better view you will love Refuge des Espuguettes. The Refuge is only accessible by hike and about six miles (may I mention straight up hill) from the city of Gavarnie, France. This city is along the Cirque de Gavarnie very close to the boarder of Spain. The refuge stands alone, surrounded by rolling hills and clouds that often leave the area full of fog in the early morning.  Don't be surprised if you wake to a donkey at your doorstep, as the area is surrounded with cows, horses, and donkeys. All of the food at Espuguettes is cooked by the wife, husband, and daughter trio that owns the refuge. The family is extremely hospitable, and all of the food was delicious! Exactly what my group of exhausted hikers needed. The Refuge of Espuguettes is a must visit!!! ~ Hadley B.


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