In February we took an extended weekend trip to NYC for NY NOW - the big gift show at the Javitz Center. Of course all of that walking -- and shopping -- meant that we needed a little pampering afterwards. After googling "best spas in NYC" one place caught our attention: Aire Ancient Thermal Baths in Soho. The photos are dark and sexy, and super relaxing looking, so we booked two massages, packed our bathing suits, and off we went. 

One thing to note: we went in the late evening. And we recommend this. Aire is perfect for creating a mood. You enter the water area by going down a long gorgeous staircase lined with candles. The space is cavernous and with dark stone walls and the room is lit with the glow of all the well-lit water environments.

There's a bathing ritual at Aire that we want you to go experience yourself, but essentially you're moving from water areas that range from OMG ice box cold to super-hot-can't-stay-in-that-long to several salt baths, sauna and jacuzzis of mixed temperatures in the middle.

There were several couples in the baths the night we went. We were a mom/daughter duo and we felt blissfully safe and comfortable. 

You stay in the relaxing water for about an hour and then you move to your massage treatment. By the time you get out of the water, you're in the perfect mood for a fabulous massage. And truly, you're in for a treat.

It might be hard to leave your zen state after a treatment at Aire. You could head down the street to a great dinner somewhere in Soho. Our favorite spot is The Mercer Kitchen and we recommend you make reservations on Open Table in advance. We also love to shop at Journelle while we're there. It's a gorgeous lingerie store right across the street from MK. They have incredibly beautiful gift boxes that make for a fab gift.

Might As Well Go There Yourself:
Aire Ancient Thermal Baths
88 Franklin St, New York, NY 10013


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