The idea of spending two days focusing on essentially nothing but shopping is always appealing to us, so this week we’ve been in Manhattan for the NY NOW Winter Show at the Javits Center. This show is absolutely incredible. You walk down isle after isle with booths that look like little mini-living spaces with real walls, shelving, floors, lighting fixtures, columns and more. And every booth is stuffed with shiny new things that make you think, “that’s cool” and “OMG, I LOVE that.” We love meeting artists, designers, creative types and sales teams at booth after booth. There’s just something about the size of this show that just makes you feel frenzied — WE-MUST-SEE-EVERY-SINGLE-BOOTH-IN-THIS-ENTIRE-BUILDING-IN-EIGHT-HOURS!!!! But you can’t. So your heart just starts racing as you walk about 20,000 Fitbit certified steps with your eyes twitching about. It’s like an awesome eight hour class at Soul Cycle with lunch in the middle.

After pounding the carpet all day, we (well, specifically our feet) were ready to relax. First stop: the Royalton for drinks with friends by the fire. We love the cozy living room feeling of Royalton’s front area. I don’t know if we actually made it to Bar 44 because the cushy leather furniture about ten feet from the front door sucked us in the moment we arrived. Plus, it’s all dark and sexy looking which helps when you haven’t had time to brush your hair in nine hours. Our buddy Melanie is a martini girl and we loved watching the waiter descend the stairs with her drink twinkling in the firelight with a thin, wide wedge of lemon.

Next, while some of our crew from the cocktail party wandered off to watch the Patriots and the Falcons in the Super Bowl, we decided it would be a perfect night to go somewhere where they don’t sell wings with BBQ sauce. We ended up at a Nomo Kitchen, a gorgeous restaurant lit with massive crystal chandeliers. Due to the fact that most of America was watching Lady Gaga dive off the roof of the NRG Stadium, we were able to be seated immediately at a long wooden table right in the center of this chic, airy restaurant. We ordered some tasty flat bread pizzas and lollipop chicken to start, along with some drinks. The atmosphere is great for lively conversations and staying awhile, and the food was delish. Plus they let us charge our iphones at the front desk which made us love them even more. Don’t worry — we did make it home in time to watch the Patriots come back to tie, and then defeat the Falcons. Our best to our buddy, Wyatt, the biggest Falcons fan in America.

While in town, we also went to see the new musical The Waitress. The best news — unlike Hamilton — we could actually afford the tickets, and we’ve gotta say — it was fantastic. The singing is amazing and there are some moments that just make you belly laugh. Okay, so they launch into the anthem “Sugar, Butter, Flour” too many times — so what. I think we’d go again just to see the actor Christopher Fitzgerald (who plays Ogie) do his version of Irish River dancing. It’s hilarious. Check it out.

Might as Well Go There Yourself:
Bar 44 at The Royalton
44 West 44th Street
New York, NY

Nomo Kitchen at Nomo Soho
9 Crosby St, New York, NY 10013
(646) 218-6400

The Waitress
Tickets: we got our through Ticketmaster
Brooks Atkinson Theatre
256 West 47th Street (between Broadway and 8th Avenue)


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